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Airmax PondSeries Pond Aerator Review

Airmax PondSeries Pond Aerator Review

Today we'll be reviewing the Airmax PondSeries Pond Aerator. As you know, having a pond or body of water on your property can be a very nice experience. They’re beautiful, they’re functional and this is something that not many people are able to say they have.

If you have a pond on your property, you know that a bit of maintenance is needed in order to keep everything looking nice. Now let's get into our Airmax PondSeries pond aerator review and see what makes them so popular with pond enthusiasts.

Benefits of an Airmax PondSeries Pond Aerator

Aeration of your pond can increase the amount of oxygen that’s in the water. It also helps to circulate the oxygenated water throughout the rest of the area. If you were to skip this maintenance item, you could be faced with a pond that has stagnant and messy water that attracts mosquitoes and other unwanted bugs.

Investing in an Airmax PondSeries aeration system can provide you with a method of aerating your pond, up to eight surface acres (depending on the model you choose) and can also help your pond look healthier overall.

There are a number of components included in this Airmax aerators system that contribute to how the overall aeration system functions.

Keep in mind, there may be other parts that you’ll need to invest in for your first time setting everything up. Please note that some units are available with or without the airline or diffusers.

The ProAir 4 Weighted Diffuser

One or more diffusers (depending on model) provide the aeration and are essentially maintenance-free, so you can easily use this product whenever you want without having to worry about frequent service to it.

The ProAir 4 Weighted Diffuser
A check valve is included in the design of the Airmax PondSeries that prevents back pressure from occurring within the compressor. The diffuser has a weighted design that helps keep it submerged.

The SilentAir RP Series Compressor

The compressor is high efficiency and is designed to reduce noise and vibrations while your aerator is working. There is also an air filter included in the design to help maximize the life of the compressor by preventing a buildup of particles.

SmartStart Technology has been developed by Airmax to protect the compressor during the process of a pressurized restart. Quick disconnects, a pressure gauge and relief valve all make for a smooth performance process.

The Airmax ETL Composite Cabinet

An enhanced cooling setup in the cabinet of the Airmax PondSeries aerator provides an even flow of air through the unit by way of a high flow cooling fan. There are also filters that will help keep debris from the air that is passing through the unit.

The Airmax ETL Composite Cabinet

The elevated base is designed to protect your aerator from high levels of water, and a pre-wired electrical box provides you with an easy setup.

How to Install an Airmax Aeration System

Installation of the Airmax PondSeries aerator compressor should be close to your power source. You should have a nearby power source of either 115V or 230V depending on what system you purchased and what electric you have (either 115V or 230V).

You can run your aerator through the entire year. Keep in mind, an aerator won’t be overly functional if you have a lot of frozen water in the winter months. There are instructions included in the package that you receive, should you decide to order.

See the video below for more complete installation instructions before attempting to install your Airmax PondSeries aerator.

Airmax PondSeries Pond Aerator Pros and Cons


  • The construction of this product includes high-grade, professional parts that will perform well and last.
  • Functions quietly so you can aerate your pond without disturbing neighbors or nearby wildlife.
  • Simple and easy to install (see the video above).
  • Built to run efficiently.
  • The diffuser(s) can be left in your pond after installation, providing consistent aeration moving forward.


  • It will take some research to figure out which unit would be right for your property.
  • Can be pricey

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What People are Saying about Airmax PondSeries Aerators

There are many favorable reviews for Airmax PondSeries aerators. People found them easy to install and use to improve the overall quality of their pond. Clear and concise instructions helped along the way, and customer service is available for any issues that come up.

In general, the Airmax PondSeries aerators are enjoyed by our customers because they do a great job of providing bottom-diffused aeration.

You will need to research to determine what model would be best for your situation.


We recommend these aerators often because we know they get results. If you're looking to aerate your pond you should definitely consider one of these units from Airmax.

We hope you've enjoyed our Airmax PondSeries aerator review and found it useful. If you have any questions feel free to call us at 800-242-6952. Thank you for reading!

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