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How to make a fire pit screen

How To Make A Fire Pit Screen

Are sparks flying from your fire, and you're wondering how to make a fire pit screen? We understand how crucial it is to keep those sparks contained.

This article will guide you through creating a sturdy screen, offering both safety and style for your outdoor gatherings.

Keep reading to learn more!

Tools and Materials Needed

To build a fire pit screen, you will need metalworking tools such as metal shears, a welder for metal joining, a drill with bits suitable for metal, and high-temperature-resistant fasteners. 

A well-equipped outdoor woodworking workshop with various tools and materials.

Metal Shears

For a fire pit screen, the focus should be on metal fabrication techniques, including cutting and shaping metal mesh and frames accurately.

For constructing a screen, durable, high-temperature-resistant metals or alloys should be used instead of wood, as wood is not suitable for high-heat applications.

As you work on creating your fire pit cover or spark screen, remember that safety comes first.

Always wear protective eyewear and follow the manufacturer's instructions when using metal shears.


A welder plays a crucial role in the construction of a metal fire pit spark screen cover, a key safety feature designed to contain and reduce the escape of sparks and embers from an open fire.

The process begins with the selection of durable metal mesh and framing materials, typically made from stainless steel or coated metals, for their resistance to high temperatures and corrosion. 

Using a welder, join the metal frame pieces at their corners, creating a sturdy base for the mesh.

The metal mesh is then carefully aligned and welded onto the frame, paying close attention to the tension and placement to avoid sagging or gaps that could allow sparks to escape. 

Power Sander

power sander makes the job easier and faster when you're working on your fire screen. 

It helps clean up edges and surfaces before you weld or attach them to the frame.

Keeping all parts smooth contributes to both the safety and aesthetics of your finished project.


After preparing the metal surfaces with a power sander, use a drill to create precise holes for the assembly of your screen components.

Proper drilling is crucial for a tight and secure fit.

Ensure you select the appropriate drill bit size for the screws or bolts you're using to prevent damaging the metal and ensure a smooth assembly process.

As you work, check each hole before moving on, it should be clean and free from metal shavings.

Using clamps can keep your materials steady as you drill, ensuring accuracy. Your fire pit screen will come together better if all parts are aligned perfectly, so take your time during this step.

A completed fire pit screen in an outdoor nature setting.


Once you have drilled the necessary holes for your screen, it's time to use a router.

This tool helps cut out a perfect circle for the screen, ensuring it fits nicely over your fire pit with a one-inch overhang as required.

For this step, you'll need to follow a template that guides you to find the center of your circle accurately.

The router is essential for achieving smooth edges and precise measurements, making your fire pit screen both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Using a router requires steadiness and focus. Ensure you secure your material well with clamps before starting. T

his makes sure everything stays in place while you're cutting through the material you choose to use for your screen.

Tape Measure

A tape measure is essential for creating a perfect fire pit screen. You will use it to measure and cut boards accurately.

Start by cutting the material to a rough length with your tape measure as a guide.

Then, find the center of your circle design and mark a one-inch overhang for precision when using the router.

Accurate measurements ensure that the pieces fit together well and create a sturdy frame for the window screen wires.


After measuring the materials with a tape measure, you will need clamps to hold everything together tightly.

Clamps are essential for keeping the material in place while you drill or cut.

They ensure your pieces don't move, helping to create a more accurate and secure fire pit screen.

You can use different sizes of clamps based on the thickness of the metal.

Having a sufficient number of clamps on hand is essential for efficient and safe work during your project.

High-Temperature-Resistant Metals

High-temperature-resistant metals or alloys are recommended for fire pit screens due to their durability and safety near open flames.

For the frame directly exposed to high temperatures, consider using materials specifically designed for fire resistance and durability under heat, such as high-temperature-rated metals or alloys.

You need to mark the metal carefully before cutting it to ensure you use as much of the material as possible without waste.

For assembling parts of your fire pit screen, consider using mechanical fasteners such as screws or bolts that are designed to withstand high temperatures.

Make sure everything is even and flat. 

Ensure all materials in close proximity to the fire are heat-resistant to maintain safety.

Step-by-step Guide to Making a Fire Pit Screen

Making a fire pit screen protects you from sparks while adding beauty to your outdoor space.

This guide will outline the necessary tools and materials for creating a durable and attractive metal fire pit screen.

A beautifully crafted wood fire pit screen surrounded by lush greenery.

  1. Accurately measure and cut the metal frame and mesh to match your fire pit's dimensions, ensuring a snug fit and minimizing material waste.
  2. Cut the marked metal with a miter saw for accurate angles. Ensure all pieces are even.
  3. Sand the cut edges with a power sander for smoothness. This prevents shavings and improves appearance.
  4. Use welding or mechanical fasteners designed for high-temperature conditions to assemble the metal components of your fire pit screen.
  5. Drill small holes at each joint for additional strength. Insert thin screws into these holes.
  6. Use a router to create grooves along the top edge of assembled metal for screen material placement.
  7. Measure and cut a gauge steel mesh or similar screening material slightly larger than your frame. Choose a high-quality, heat-resistant metal mesh for your fire pit screen, such as stainless steel mesh with a gauge size that offers a balance between durability and visibility.
  8. Place the cut screen into the routed grooves on the frame, ensuring it fits snugly.
  9. Attach cleats around the inner edge of the frame under the screen, securing it tightly with screws or nails.

Opt for high-quality, durable gauge mesh from reputable suppliers to ensure longevity and aesthetic appeal in your fire pit area.

Tips for Maintaining a Fire Pit Screen

Clean your fire pit screen regularly to remove ash and debris. This helps prevent corrosion and maintain its appearance.

After cleaning, ensure the screen is completely dry before putting it back on the fire pit.

A clean, sturdy fire pit screen in a well-maintained outdoor environment.

Keep an eye out for signs of wear or damage, especially in materials like galvanized steel, which can be prone to rust over time.

If you notice any holes or tears in the screen, repair them as soon as possible to avoid sparks escaping.

Consider using stainless steel components for your screen to avoid the release of toxic fumes that can occur when galvanized steel is exposed to high temperatures, thereby ensuring both durability and safety.

Regular maintenance can extend the life of your fire pit screen and keep it safe for use.


What materials do I need to make a fire pit screen?

You will need metal mesh, metal shears, and a frame to make a screen.

How big should the fire pit screen be?

The fire pit screen should be big enough to cover your entire fire pit with some extra space around the edges.

Can I make a round fire pit screen myself?

Yes, you can make a round screen by shaping the metal mesh over your fire pit and securing it to a circular frame.

Do I need any special tools to build a fire pit screen?

You will need basic tools like metal shears for cutting the mesh and pliers for bending it into shape. 

Is it safe to use any type of metal mesh for my fire pit screen?

It's best to use heat-resistant metal mesh designed for high temperatures when making your screen.


Learning how to make a fire pit screen at home is a hands-on project that promises safety and style for your outdoor gatherings.

As you follow these steps, using the right tools and materials makes the job smoother.

Keep in mind to always choose durable options like stainless steel mesh for longevity.

Regular maintenance ensures your screen stays in top shape for many cozy nights around the fire.

Engage with this DIY project to enhance your outdoor living space while keeping safety a priority.

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