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$1,674.99 $1,473.99
SAVE $201.00

Atlantic Large Pondless Waterfall Kit w/ 26" Spillway [PK1826PL]

$1,425.99 $1,254.99
SAVE $171.00

Atlantic Large Pondless Waterfall Kit w/ 19" Spillway [PK1819PL]

$2,159.99 $1,943.99
SAVE $216.00

Aquascape Medium Pondless Waterfall Kit 16' Stream w/ Pump [53040]

$2,168.99 $1,952.09
SAVE $216.90

Aquascape Medium Pondless Waterfall Kit 16' Stream w/ Pump [53039]

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In my humble opinion the true test of a company is in its customer service. I order an Ohio Flame Patriot series fire pit for my wife’s birthday. It was absolutely fantastic and she loved it. Unfortunately, it was not the one that I ordered. I contacted Yard Focus via email and received a prompt reply. I was asked to send them a picture, which I did. I was contacted the next day with a request to box it up and FedEx would pick it up the next day. The next day was today. We are now waiting for the correct fire pit to be delivered. I really appreciate Keith Ritchey handling this so well. I am a VERY satisfied customer thus far.

Airmax EcoSeries 1/2HP Floating Pond Fountain

Great product, great price!

We are so happy with our Saturn Fire Pit Art! Best price on the internet, and the most responsive customer service answering all my pre-purchase questions. Free, friendly delivery. All around terrific experience.

Pond aerator

Thanks great service