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Different types of fire pits

Different Types Of Fire Pits

Not knowing the different types of fire pits can make choosing the right one a challenge.

There are four main types to consider: propane, wood-burning, natural gas, and gel fuel.

This article will guide you through each type, helping you find the perfect match for your backyard.

Get ready to learn!

Wood Burning Fire Pits

They use logs as fuel and are perfect for roasting marshmallows and warming up outdoor gatherings. 

A cozy outdoor seating area with a wood burning fire pit.

Description and Benefits (Wood Burning Fire Pits)

Wood-burning fire pits bring the classic campfire right to your backyard.

They let you cook food over open flames, just like when you're camping. These fire pits come in many shapes and sizes, fitting any outdoor space perfectly.

You get that authentic campfire feel, with crackling logs and glowing embers. Basic safety gear is recommended to manage the fire safely.

The warmth and ambiance they provide make your outdoor living area cozy for gatherings.

Despite their charm, wood-burning fire pits need regular cleaning due to ash and soot buildup.

They can be tricky to manage, as you can't easily turn off the flames or control their intensity.

Smoke might bother some people too. Yet, the unique experience of gathering around a real wood fire makes up for these minor issues.

While wood-burning fire pits offer a classic experience, it's important to consider their environmental impact and potential health effects due to smoke production.

Opting for seasoned wood and ensuring proper ventilation can help minimize these concerns.

Next up: exploring propane fire pits and what makes them stand out.

Propane Fire Pits

Propane fire pits use gas from tanks to make fire.

A cozy backyard patio with a lit fire pit and outdoor furniture.

They are easy to turn on and off, making them safe and handy for your backyard fun.

Keep reading to learn more about how they can light up your outdoor space!

Description and Benefits (Propane Fire Pits)

Propane fire pits bring warmth to your outdoor living space without all the smoke and ash of wood.

They are easy to start with a turn of a knob, making them user-friendly. These fireplaces do not require you to chop or store firewood, saving you time and effort.

They fit well in small yards or patios because they don't produce sparks.

Having a propane pit means you can enjoy cooking over fire safely and conveniently.

They're a convenient option for suburban areas, though always check local regulations regarding open flames.

While propane fire pits offer convenience and ease of use, consider the long-term cost of purchasing propane tanks, which can add to the total cost of ownership over time. 

For propane fire pits, conducting regular leak checks on the tank and connections and ensuring adequate ventilation in the area are crucial safety measures to prevent accidents.

While they might cost more upfront and require regular filling of the propane tank, their ease of use and portability make them popular choices for enhancing your outdoor experience.

Gel Fuel Fire Pits

Gel fueled fire pits use a thick liquid to start a fire. They are safe and easy to light, making them great for small outdoor spaces.

A gel fuel fire pit burning brightly in a cozy backyard setting.

Description and Benefits (Gel Fuel Fire Pits)

Gel-fueled fire pits are perfect for creating a cozy ambiance outdoors. They burn gel fuel, which is easy to handle and lights up fast.

These pits produce no smoke, making them great for gatherings where clean air matters.

Since they are portable, moving them around your yard or taking them to events is easy.

While gel fuel fire pits might have lower initial costs, the ongoing expense of gel fuel can accumulate, making it important to consider both initial and long-term costs when budgeting.

While gel fuel fire pits are perfect for ambiance, it's worth noting that the heat output may not be as high as that of wood-burning or propane fire pits, making them more suitable for aesthetic purposes rather than heating.

Next, let's explore natural gas fire pits and their benefits.

Natural Gas Fire Pits

Natural gas fire pits hook up to your home's gas line. They offer a continuous fuel supply, though this depends on the availability of your home's natural gas. 

An outdoor seating area with a natural gas fire pit.

Before installing a fire pit, especially permanent options like natural gas fire pits, thoroughly check local building codes, zoning laws, and HOA rules to ensure compliance and avoid fines.

Description and Benefits (Natural Gas Fire Pits)

Natural gas fire pits are must-haves for outdoor spaces. They connect directly to your home's gas line.

This makes them easy to use and maintain. You won't need to deal with changing propane tanks or cleaning up ash like you would with wood-burning versions.

These fire features add beauty and value to any property, making them great investments.

They have a lower heat output compared to liquid propane options, but shine in convenience and constant fuel supply.

Perfect for gatherings where the ambiance matters more than cooking, they offer a seamless experience.

Just turn them on for instant warmth and atmosphere without the hassle of ignition tools or stoves. Next, discover the charm of DIY fire pits.

DIY Fire Pits

DIY fire pits let you build your own warming spot using bricks, pavers, or even old metal grates. You can make it fit your space perfectly and save money.

This project also lets you get creative with outdoor cooking spots for friends and family to enjoy.

Start building one today to add a special touch to your backyard.

Different types of fire pits in a backyard garden.

Description and Benefits (DIY Fire Pits)

Making your own fire pit is both a fun project and a way to add a special touch to your outdoor space.

You can use bricks, stones, or concrete blocks to build it. This kind of project lets you create something that matches your style.

The best part? It costs less than buying one already made. Plus, building it yourself means you can decide the size and shape.

Having a fire pit you made brings more than just warmth to your backyard gatherings; it provides a sense of pride.

You can grill food on grates over the flames or simply enjoy the glow with friends and family.

For safety, keep a fire extinguisher nearby, ensure the pit is on a non-flammable surface, and check the wind direction before lighting.

Also, remember that having this feature could make people want to spend time at your place even more.

Additionally, ensure your DIY fire pit complies with local fire regulations and codes to ensure safety and legality.

Gas Fire Tables

Gas fire tables mix style with warmth. They use a gas grill's ease to bring people together outdoors.

Description and Benefits (Gas Fire Tables)

Gas fire tables bring a sleek and modern feel to any outdoor space. They are perfect for those who enjoy the warmth of a fire without the mess.

These tables run on natural gas, making them easy to maintain.

You won't have to worry about running out of fuel or cleaning up ash. This convenience means you can spend more time enjoying your backyard.

These fire features also add value to your home. Since they connect directly to your home's natural gas line, they offer a continuous supply of fuel.

This makes them an excellent choice for long evenings outside.

Plus, they're cleaner than traditional portable fire pits that burn wood.

You get the warm glow without smoke getting in everyone's eyes or worrying about sparks flying out.

Gas fire tables are fantastic for gathering friends and family around, any season of the year.

Tabletop Fire Pits

Tabletop fire pits are small and portable, making them perfect for any outdoor table.

They use less fuel and still give off a cozy flame to enjoy with friends and family.

Description and Benefits (Tabletop Fire Pits)

Tabletop fire pits are small and easy to move, making them a great choice for outdoor adventures like camping or tailgating.

Primarily utilizing gel fuel, these pits also come in variants that can use propane or bioethanol, offering versatility for indoor and outdoor use and catering to different user preferences.

This flexibility lets people enjoy a cozy fire no matter where they are.

Majestic Fountains and More offers these mini firepits alongside their selection of larger fire pits and water features.

Adding one to your space can bring warmth and style, whether you're out in the wild or relaxing at home.

Their portability also makes storing them a breeze when not in use.

Fire Urns and Fire Pillars

Fire urns or fire pillars light up your yard with a unique glow. They stand tall and add elegance to any outdoor space.

These fire features use gas to create flames that dance within their stylish structures.

Easy to turn on and off, they make cozy nights simple. Enjoy warmth without the work of gathering wood or cleaning up ashes.

Perfect for those who love sleek design and easy living, explore more about these fascinating fire features!

Description and Benefits (Fire Urns and Fire Pillars)

Fire urns and fire pillars stand out as a stylish and modern choice among outdoor heating options.

With their unique shapes, they add a decorative touch to any backyard or patio.

These features run on propane or natural gas, making them easy to start and maintain.

Their variety in sizes and styles means there's something for every type of outdoor space.

These fire vessels create a cozy feel, perfect for gatherings under the stars. They serve dual purposes, providing both warmth and light after sunset.

Plus, with simple upkeep needs compared to wood-burning versions, they are an ideal pick for anyone seeking elegance without extra work in their outdoor decor.


What are fire pits?

Fire pits are outdoor features that people use to make fires safely. They can be a fun way to enjoy being outside.

How many types of fire pits are there?

There are several types, including ones you can move around and others that stay in one place. Some use wood, while others might use gas.

Do I need insurance for my fire pit?

Yes, it's smart to check with your insurance company about coverage for your fire pit to keep things safe and protected.

Can I put any type of fire pit in my backyard?

Before selecting a fire pit, prioritize ensuring it complies with local regulations and is suitable for your space to ensure safety and legality.

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Discovering the different types of fire pits can help you choose the perfect one to make your outdoor space cozy and inviting.

From classic wood-burning options to modern propane designs, there's a style for every backyard dream.

Consider what matters most: easy maintenance, cooking ability, or portability.

Think about safety and the environment too. Picking your perfect fire ring means more fun nights under the stars with friends and family.

Regardless of the type of fire pit you choose, always prioritize safety.

Ensure proper clearance from flammable materials; never leave the fire unattended; and have fire extinguishing methods readily available.

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